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tv   [untitled]    March 13, 2013 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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another thing the 20 foot roadways was the restriction of the lot in total 20 feet wide. there would be an opportunity should the homeowners association decided to grant us a space in a indeveloped part of the lot >> i certainly would like to see the parking it does bring more life to the street. and there's a lot of parking on upper cresting they're a lot of
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of visitors who may want to visit this area and >> it was helpful to make sure that the correct studies have been done. the major concerns are around traffic short of disallowing parking on one day of crestmont. i think parking - commissioner mentioned a couple of possibilities. i did take a visit up to the site and from my own experience i found it to be less congested. i feel like car conditions, conflicts between buses, pedestrians bicycle, and cars it doesn't feel that way to me up
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on the hill. i want to point out that is the first project we've got the pipeline on. this is about the housing goets goals in san francisco. although this is not affordable housing there is 60 percent of the above housing allocations for housing in san francisco. i think it's important to have new housing on the west side and not just concentrate all the development on the east side. we don't get the opportunity to talk about a lot of things here. i'm supportive of the project >> i think i echo a lot of wasn't the others have said. i want to thank the public for
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coming out. i have a large building being built across from me. it's extremely dense building but i actually look forward to it being built. but the point is we live in the city and your fortunate to live in a environment but it is true that this was always planned going back to the 1960s. but planning commission and a couple of different occasions authorized this on the lot. we don't have a lot of opportunities to develop homes for families here.
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when we do talk about families i mean, i live on off of - the parents on my street put cones in the middle of street to kind of help with the congestion so the kids can play in the street on saturday. it would be lovely if they didn't have any cars on the street which is the nice luxury that people have in this neighborhood. i understand when you hear the general plan that everyone thinks particularly of their neighborhood. but we have a larger charge at looking at the city as a whole. and the reality that we have people moving here and we can't
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prevent people from moving to san francisco and housing prices are all an all-time high. i have a friend who has to look in the million dollar rage. do you live in a 3 unit building do people live above you? so there's a rile need to provide this type of development. it's been respectfully to the way it's been the way it impacts the city. i think this is a really respectful project. so i know that for this scale
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of, you know, the impact that it's going to have they're going to be more cars and construction i i know that's a huge inconvenience but i want you to know it's not there to inconvenience you and i think at the end of the day it will be a good thing. this will actively enhance the stability of this hill. we see people building on water and the technology has gotten more advances. i want to thank you all are that i understand people don't want to see change in their
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neighborhood but we have to grow. thanks >> i'm going to follow the commissioners comments. how carefully we all look at this project i received and read ail your e-mails and went out to the site myself and walked the muddy road. and i think you'll all agree you're lucky to live there. as i realized this center piece was designed for a few more people to be lucky to live there. as far as traffic i'm sure you'll all been to the hills of
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berkeley some of the ideas - my only real concern is i'm happy that the architect brought up was the help from the far distance from the city is how this will look in the hillside. i was very pleased that the architect picked up on camouflaging to some degree and using all nature colors. so i'm supportive and i'll let the commissioner add his comments >> i agree with most of the comments from the other commissioners. i have one quick comment for staff. on most of the maps this development curves around and
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there's an indication of a roadway that goes down to a the court will tell you did he sack is that development in that area is this the last that can occur? >> that projects architect can answer that. >> that's fine. >> actually i don't have a map of that. you're correct as part of the own knowledge, own knowledge p u d there's another parcel and our road is on the third parcel with the one with the the court will tell you did he sack. we have never be able to establish came back with the owner. we actually tried to use their
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property to get to staff >> so there's a potential for alternative assess? >> as far as i have a couple of points that are disorganized. i've driven up there once by it wouldn't seemed to me that people are speeding along there anyway but but if people think that bumps are necessary i would not go installing them right away but as far as density and others have pointed out the change is better burden it the city has been facing in terms of
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people wanting to move here and the numbers of housing units that will have to be developed over the next 20 or thirty years and i would like to think that the entire city is on board with supporting a fair share of increased density so that doesn't all and i don't think it will but people like to think of it as occurring east of having an necessary and east and south of marketing arena various areas around the mission. we've had neighborhood plan and neighborhood plan processes in which the neighborhood did came to a the climax if they were in
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certain perimeters according to the neighborhood plan. so i don't think it's the case that it will increased density are a bad thing but in other places where the neighborhoods have go on begin through a situation in which they've analyzed and seen what the changes are in respect to the entire city we can do our part. in looking at your particular neighborhood i know there are denominates about this being too dense. the map that was provided by the developer which i assume nobody's actually changed the color coding on here does indicate that the development is quite in keeping with the
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immediate area. i i know there recent single-family houses more to the north and more to the south perhaps to the west that are blocked by an open space to the east but within the immediate area we have quite a bit houses that are two greater family units. so i don't think this particular unit is out of order for that immediate area and certainly won't effect the apartments down on 6th a western. i'm quite in support of the project. i'm also - you might want to think about it once it's constructed, once families move in they're going to be your
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imply neighbors and they may be nice people. so don't look at it as totally a negative experience >> well i'm going to speak in favor of the speed bumps. i think a lot of streets have a lot of speed bumps. one was put after a car admit and killed a child. but this is a the court will tell you did he sack but people can still speed. we have an easement behind our house but residents come down there pretty fast and it's blind behind our house and there's a
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lot of blind a lot of blind spaces. i don't know about the cost of it but more the existing neighbors should be very appreciable active it's kaumg the traffic. i have some questions. i know you spoke about possible putting the speed bumps in and the other thing you had mentioned is the lighting along the existing streets i'll pay for the llts and correct we've having had a number of deductions with the homeowners associations and we haven't made any specific paroles yet
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>> and i think we talked about that space which is the property of the existing homeowners which is somewhat of a park in there for their usage and your i imagine and there would be another opportunity there is a strip of land that is controlled by the h o a that extends the length of the road that could be extend into a walkway. >> i certainly hope you'll continue to work with the heroisms association. now the other areas that might have to be done in conjunction with the neighborhood. the repaving of the roads which is the city's job. perhaps in conjunction you could
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institute some way to cause herself help the city to get it done quickly. another thing is widening the street but there may be a few areas where there is no retaining wall yet and maybe if kitist could be made and parking could be limited on the hillside and you may have 10 spaces on one side of the road. those are some thoughts >> we look forward to this help of the city and the homeowners association. >> thank you very much. >> commissioner moore and i sense that the commission for
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all of the reasons that have been stated is inclined to support the project and i'd like to make a motion that we approve the project as specified. >> second. >> commissioners on that motion to paragraph the conditions. (calling roll) >> similar that motion passes unanimously. please retain from the clapping. the zoning administrator >> i move to close the hearing. >> the commission for 15 minut >> regular hearing increase
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thursday march 7th. i'd like to remind everyone to turn off their devises. we have item 3. at 11:00. the project before you >> this changes a building at a restaurants within the r n-4 zoning project. and it is located within another projects it is required within the project had not received any
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opposition. since then the department has received a petition with over 6 hundred signatures on that. the opponents issues seemed to be around the sidewalk business. they only want a wine and beer licenses. their fine with limiting the restaurants to wine and beer only. the department has found this to be balanced and based on the findings the department recognized it about passed >> project sponsor.
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hi. i'm the owner-operator of the business. i'm also a receipt i live two blocks away. i prepared a statement. this is my first time to do this. my tennis when i opened another cafe was to create an environment for meeting place for students and working professionals and the hospital staff from st. france memorial. from day one there were concerns about whether i was going to provide beer and wine. lower knob hill to obtain the
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missing component to this project. it's received overwhelming support. thank you >> thank you. okay public comment on this item. i have a couple of cards. (calling names). please approach the podium. >> thank you i'm am a local attorney and a local business he owner. i live one block away from the cafe. i've been a patron to the cafe
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i'd like to say it's managed well. the majority of time i see the owner there. so that's how i know it's well managed. he's visited labors into the establishment. it's truly become a good place to go. this is the third plays and he's made n the name famous. i also volunteer several hours a month at st. franchise hospital gilding visitor to places in the area and it's a fascinate place to visit. most of the visitors are
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visiting people in the area and it's a fascinate thing to have people in the neighborhood. i don't know if you're familiar with the st. fans hospital. i may not know across from the street st. francis paid to have the homes painted there. and i would take that as a sign of support from the hospital since they have no opposition here today. thank you. >> next speaker please and
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hello i'm a local patron and was actually in the building but 1189 is the actual address. i'll not known the neighborhood with another staple. i frequent the cafe there and there are a ton of people and students always excited to be there. there are a good amount of people not really socializing and i think it would be a good idea to have people drink beer and socialize. recently, i had an unfortunate accident and broke my leg so i had limited mobility and so i went to the cafe. it was not just a third plays
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but a second home for me. this is the first time i've been actively supporting something in the community and i hope you took into consideration. thank you >> thank you. >> hello i happen to be the uncle of this guy that you another cafe is a small cafe it's 20 to thirty seats maximum. they do have the support of the residents. but there's a lot of support for this. i don't think it's meant to be a place where people will get
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drunk but really a place for people to socialize. my feeling k is that commercial area should be supported. i think -- i'm not trying to make a case for the world here but it's not asking a lot for this cafe to have a beer license >> thank you any further public comment? >> i had a certain and robert garcia has a certain about no conditions being put on this.
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it's certainly acceptable to not operate past 10 o'clock. even before 10 o'clock though it can be a place that attracts noise. this place started out as a kraef and got a beer license and feels this absolutely you must not allow tables and chairs out there. i don't see how you can be prevented from putting a condition on that. now a condition of no hard liquor is important. even though it might be 10 o'clock if you recall the women he the poorhouse well, the
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entertainment stopped at 10 but do people want to sit at home and listen to loud noise until then. you know, there are a lot of people out there like the neighbors i have 20 who got sects put out on them. we dropped in last year and it happened that the music inside was so loud it bothered us so much we were unable to go back. you know, people can do business on their laptops and stuff. the other thing consider in


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